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5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers In 2019

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In this digital era every business wants their presence on the internet, but do you think that only presence on the internet will help you get new business?
According to Google page load time is a very important part and which will affect the bounce rate of your website. Take a look on below statistics:


What Is Cloud Hosting?

In simple term cloud hosting is service where your website hosted on server and server is spread out across multiple remote servers. So the main advantage of this service is, the website does not rely on a single server.

Without wasting your time lets jump to list of 5 best cloud hosting providers in 2019

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Most of you only know Amazon for best e-commerce company but do you know AWS is the best Cloud Hosting Provider in 2019?

AWS cloud

The most amazing part of AWS is they are providing us 1 year of free service.

AWS provides you more service than anyone else in the cloud hosting business.

Following are some of the services by AWS:

  1. Compute
  2. Database
  3. IOT
  4. Machine Learning

AWS cloud hosting is suitable for all type of business, small scale to large scale.

For more details check out this link aws.amazon.com

2. Google Cloud

There is no one in the world who don’t know about Google. So Google Cloud is one of the services provided by Google.
google cloud

Google cloud claims that its pricing is 60% less than any other cloud service provider.

Google Cloud also provide 12-month free tire service to a new user ($300 free credit).

For more information please check out this link cloud.google.com

3. Digitalocean

Digitalocean is one of the best cloud hosting provider in 2019. Their main motto is “Simple, predictable pricing”.

They also provide you free credit of $100 for 60 Days. After that, you can pay as you go.

The best part of this provider is very good customer support and well-documented tutorials.

Main Features of Digitalocean cloud hosting:

  1. Quickly deploy projects
  2. Global Availability
  3. Load Balancers
  4. Floating IPs
  5. Pay for what you use

Digitalocean is most suitable for small to midsized business.

For more details please visit this link digitalocean.com

4. Siteground

Siteground provides multiple hosting solutions and Cloud Hosting is one of the services they provide.

You can consider Siteground for their 24/7 VIP Support.

Following are the main features of Siteground cloud hosting service:

  1. Ultra-Fast Platform
  2. Auto Scalable Resources
  3. 24/7 VIP Support
  4. Fully Managed Server
  5. Daily Backup
  6. Free CDN & Multiple Locations

Siteground cloud hosting is suitable for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

For more details check this link siteground.com

5. Bluehost

Bluehost is also one of the best cloud hosting provider in 2019 and also known for its low pricing plan.


Main features of Bluehost cloud hosting are

  1. High Availability
  2. Scalability
  3. Performance
  4. Control Panel Upgrades
  5. Automatic Failover
  6. Fully Managed
  7. Instant Scaling

Bluehost cloud hosting is suitable for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

For more details visit this link bluehsot.com

We hope that now you can select your best hosting partner and speed up your website.

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