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Call Of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile – Which Is Better?

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About PUBG

PUBG stands for “PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds”, this game was developed and published by PUBG Corporation which is part of a South Korean video game company Bluehole. Initially, PUBG was released on 23rd March 2017.

As we all know there are many games in the market who are trying to compete with PUBG but no one is able to beat them. PUBG won many awards since 2017 like “Best Multiplayer Game”, “PC Game of the Year”, “Mobile Game of the Year”.

PUBG Gameplay

In this battleground 100 players join the game and they have to fight to remain last alive person or team.

About Call Of Duty

After this long dominance, Call Of Duty Mobile is the competitor of PUBG. Call Of Duty initially published by Activision in 2003. The initial focus of the game was World War II and after the huge success, they rolled out more series like Modern Warfare, Black Ops, etc.

So without wasting your time lest check what are new features Call Of Duty have and which one is better?

How to download?

Android Play Store
Click here to download

Call Of Duty
Android Play Store
As it is not launched for everyone but you can pre-register using below link to get early access.
Click here to download


If we compare options and graphics of Call of Duty then you will like Call of duty’s dashboard more. You can find good setting control with simple and advanced mode.

Game Modes
Same as PUBG here in COD (Call of Duty) we get three game modes

  1. Zombie Mode
  2. Online Multiplayer Mode
  3. Battle Royal

Let’s get into details of all modes

1. Zombie Mode

Here you can see the similarity between both game but in Graphics section Call Of Duty is the clear winner.

2. Online Multiplayer Mode

Here we can say Call of Duty is the same as a PC version of it and it is better than PUBG.

3. Battle Royal

This mode is the same in both games but in the case of Call Of Duty you will get more features which are as follows:

  • Shooter Mode
    First Person Shooter & Third Person Shooter
  • Airplane and Parachute
    Here you will get more advance and military type airplane and parachute.
  • Defense Shield
    You can activate Transform shield to defend yourself, it is like Fortnite. It can be use against different type of damage but bullets are exception.
  • EMP Drone
    Using EMP drone you can interfere your enemy’s electronic equipment and also get sight to see vehicles, hostile traps and other area.
  • Sensor Dart
    If you hit any enemy with this then you can will able to see his location within the area.
  • Clown
    Using this feature you can call zombies to attack your opponents. There is also Toy Bomb which is useful to distract enemy and triggered while they are close to it.
  • Medic
    Using this feature you can create a Medical Station where you and your team can heal and review faster.
  • Grapple Gun
    It is part of Ninja feature, using grapple gun you can climb a building and also use to move fast and silently.


At the initial level Call Of Duty is the clear winner. As it has more features and advanced level of graphics which will be the main factor to attract more gamers. But still both games are very good in their own way and you can enjoy both.

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