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Why Jcb Ki Khudai (#JCBkiKhudai) is in trend on social media?

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Everybody is wondering about why #jcbkikhudai is in trend on a social media platform and who started this first?

How Did It Start?

On 25th May 2019, when Sunny Leone an Indian film actress and former pornstar tweeted a photo with caption Career change!? LOL :p on twitter from her official account. In this tweet, she was standing on a JCB machine. After 2 days #JCBKiKhudayi started trending and all social media platform flood with JCB meme.

There are some normal JCB working videos present on YouTube which have more than 10,00000 views, based on this many people commented that Indian have so much free time to spend watching JCB working.

#JCBKiKhudayi is also boosted up because in India mostly every child have spent time watching JCB work in his/her colony or on the street. This is related to their child memory and that’s everyone is enjoying this.

JCB Thanks To Customers And Fans

Indian did tremendous unique promotion of JCB through memes and that’s why without wasting time JCB India on 8th May 2019, tweeted thanks to all fans and customers.

Let’s see some best meme of #JCBKiKhudayi

For Engginers

For BF & GF

For Pankaj Tripathi Fans

For Munna Bhai Fans

For Boss & Employee

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